Genofax™ will deploy Artificial Intelligence for genomic and microbiome data analysis to provide personalised nutritional, lifestyle and subsidiary medical recommendations as an adjunct to advice given by doctors

The new era of medicine requires the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) more than ever before. Medical and nutritional science is now deluged with large volume of data (big data) from technologies such as DNA sequencing, proteomics, imaging protocols, and Internet of Things (IOTs devices) for health monitoring. A wide variety of computational methods have been designed for analysing such big data generated by the high-throughput techniques. AI is the ensemble of algorithms-based machine learning, neural network based deep learning, and various related techniques that help identify significant patterns in the massive data sets. Therefore, AI can infer complex relationships from these multi-dimensional big data to predict health status. For example, AI can reveal the association of health status with an individual’s genome and microbiome.  

Humans vary widely at the genetic, epigenetic, biochemical, physiological, nutritional, and behavioural levels, especially with respect to the onset and progression of diseases and treatment responsiveness.  Hence, it is important to tailor or ‘personalize’ treatment regimens that cater to each patient’s individual needs.  
Deployment of high computing power and statistically oriented data-intensive analyses can reveal appropriate intervention targets and strategies for personalized medicines. In this paradigm, AI is well suited to play a pivotal role in the development of precision medicine at all phases of intervention. AI’s ability to advance personalized nutrition and medicine depends critically, first, on gaining access to and analysing genomic and microbiome datasets available in public and other domains; secondly, obtaining and storing genomic and microbiome data from specific target populations while noting their evolutionary diversity;. lastly, aggregating and interpreting such data in the context of the existing evidence-based advice and therapies.  

Genofax™, a company specialised in AI and big data analytics, is in a unique position to find appropriate intervention methods to develop these precision therapies. We aim to pre-emptively advise on lifestyle and nutritional choices based on the health status and later expand as an accessory to the medical advice currently recommended by general practitioners. 

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