Genome Sequencing

Genome Sequencing – guiding researchers to identify genomic signatures for a healthy life

We are living at a time of swift scientific discoveries. Data are being generated faster than ever with utmost detailed insights. One such aspect is genome sequencing which provides a zoomed view into the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins. Genome sequencing is slowly but surely shifting the paradigm of management of diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis and genetic diseases, helping to develop new medicines and even safeguarding populations.

Deciphering a genomic blueprint to develop a personalized nutrition for a healthier life

All species, especially humans, are genetically variable and these genomic alterations account for numerous aspects of human diversity and underpin some of the very basis of our individuality. For example, complexion, height, how we digest food or respond to stress, depend on our genetic makeup. It is now well within our technological power to decipher variations of our own genetic endowments. However, a challenge is to seek meaning in these inherited genomic alterations. This challenge requires the latest tools of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. By combining the knowledge of DNA alterations with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, we are now able to develop highly accurate personalized nutritional and health recommendations.

We at Genofax™ are actively working towards developing and deploying machine learning algorithms for easy and rapid prediction of diseases in dogs, of nutritional recommendation for a healthier life in humans.