Meet our Team

Scientific Advisory board

Dr. Ethan



Dr. Signer is the founding scientist at CHDI Foundation, with 18 years of experience directing scientific research into the molecular basis of Huntington Disease and the discovery of potential therapeutics. He has worked 31 years as a Professor of Biology at MIT specializing in genetics and over 20 years of experience as a Consultant and Scientific Advisory Board member for various companies.

Dr. Animesh


Scientific Advisor

Dr. Ray has been a Professor of Systems Biology at Keck Graduate Institute, California, USA, earned his Ph.D. in microbial genetics from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He subsequently researched at the Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Oregon, and at the Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Dr. Abed


Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Dr. Chaudhury has 40+ years of experience as a researcher. He received his Ph.D. in 1984 in Molecular Biology from the University of Oregon. Since then, he has worked as Head of Research at Loam Bio, Director at Vitagrain and VitaRice, Principal Scientist at Syngenta Australia and New Zealand, Senior Principal at CSIRO, and many more.

Dr. Myron


Scientific Advisor

Dr. Williams has been an Associate Professor in the Chemistry Department at Clark Atlanta University, GA, USA, earned his Ph.D. in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA. He has worked at prestigious organizations such as Molecular Science Institute, SEWW Energy Inc, and many more. Dr. Williams is also involved in non-profit organizations such as Social Entrepreneurs in Africa and many more.

Dr. A K Azad



Dr. Khan is a Medicine & Gastroenterology Specialist doctor in Dhaka. In 1965, he obtained an MBBS degree from Dhaka Medical College with distinction marks in Pharmacy & Forensic Medicine. He was honored with Col. Jeffrey Gold Medal for best performance in Pakistan in the FCPS Medicine examination of 1970 under the University of Dhaka. In 1997 he received the D. Phil Degree in Gastroenterology from Oxford, UK.

Dr. M Ayaz


Scientific Advisor

Dr. Chowdhury is a Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist at Sydney West Area Health Service (Westmead Hospital). He is the Chairman of Auburn Hospital Medical Staff Council, President of Bangladesh Forum for Community Engagement, President of MECA, and contributing member in many organizations worldwide.

Board of Advisors



Co-Founder & CEO

Mr. Alam is a performance-driven senior executive, Founder & CEO of global enterprise TELEAUS. He has 17 years of comprehensive achievements across the telecommunications and infrastructure services sector with leading engineering and infrastructure development companies. 



Chair | Advisory Board

Mr. Walker is a Barrister at Law and a lecturer at UQ business school. He has 30+ years of experience in international business. He is a senior advisor in many successful ICT start-up companies. Mr. Walker has experience in managing multibillion-dollar telecommunication projects worldwide. 

Research & Development Team

Mohammed Monzur


R&D Scientist

Mr Morshed has been trained and worked in leading research institutions and clinical laboratories across Asia, Europe and Australia for the last eight years in different domains of Life Sciences. He got significant experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well. His engagement also includes contributing as a science communicator through writing and presenting science to make it comprehensible and establishing the idea of ‘bench to bedside’.  

Dr Mohamed


Gastroenterology advisor

Dr. Abdelaal is a consultant Gastroenterologist and Lecturer of Tropical Medicine in Ain Shams University, Egypt. He graduated and earned his doctorate degree in 2016 from the same university. He is member of International Association for Study of Liver diseases (IASL), and European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) since 2015. Dr. Abdelaal’s interests include diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy, hepatology, infectious diseases, and the management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

Dr. Rashedul


Bioinformatics Lead

Dr. Islam earned his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the University of British Columbia, Canada. He has 12+ years of experience in developing and implementing bioinformatics tools. Dr. Islam has extensive expertise in analyzing various large-scale datasets (DNA/RNA/ChIP/Bisulfite-seq) generated from genomic, epigenomic and metagenomic assays.

Md Minhajul


Technical Lead

Mr. Islam has 7+ years software development experience. He is a senior software architect and has extensive experience in Cloud Technologies. He has been working as a Full Stack developer for 4+ years.



Software Engineer

Mr. Shamim completed his degree in Mechatronics Engineering with Dean award. He is an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enthusiast and has expertise in conversational AI and DAtA mining.



Software Engineer-AI/ML

Mr. Billah has 3 Years+ of experience in Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial intelligence as well as software development. He has worked in bulb INC., formerly after receiving his Master of Information Technology from Australian Catholic University.



Business Analyst

Mr. Mahmud has 5+ years of experience in IT project management. He obtained a master's degree in Business Analytics. Mr. Mahmud has a sound understanding of the software development cycle, and he has substantial experience in design and writing procedures, technical documents. 

Management Team



Program manager

Mr. Kaiser has 18+ years of experience as an accomplished Program Manager with a Master's Degree in Business Administration and Graduation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has worked with various industry leaders such as Telenor, Kordia, Huawei, Lendlease, TELEAUS and delivered numerous complex and large-scale programs in diversified domains. 



National Contract & Commercial Manager

Mr. Norton has 30+ years of international ICT business experience and is a senior business advisor. He has experience working in National Australian Defense Force. Mr. Norton has substantial experience in commercial, contract management, vendor/ stakeholder management



HR & Accounts Executive

Ms. Akhtar has 8+ years of management experience in the IT and Telecommunication Industry. She has a master's degree in Accounting. Ms. Akhtar has substantial experience in corporate customer management, training customer service agents.