Integrating AI technology and genome analysis to provide personalized care.

  • Precision medicine market worth to reach $85.5 Billion by 2025.

  • Australia amongst top 5 countries for biotechnology.

  • Precision medicine market growth rate highest in Australasia.

Genofax™ was founded with the notion to improve lives. The internet is flooded with understudied genomic data, and we wanted to take this opportunity to identify patterns and make intelligent inferences that can contribute to development of precision medicines.

What we do

At Genofax™ we wish to manage, understand, and use the surplus of genomic data available with the help of our existing big data analytics,
machine learning and AI platform to pave the road for development of personalized advice and care for humans and animals based on their genomic blueprint.

We have three objectives

Improve healthcare of humans and their pets

Empower veterinarians with the latest advances in genomic science in diagnosis and management of pet health

Provide physicians with a genomic perspective on patient conditions